Other Services

In addition to mediation, arbitration and online dispute resolution, our company offers its services in dispute system design, early neutral evaluation, corporate conflict coaching and corporate dispute resolution facilitation: 

1. Early Neutral Evaluation

Parties may submit documents explaining their positions and evidence to us, and our experts will perform early evaluation of the case and provide the parties with their conclusion about potential court perspective of the case.

After using the early neutral evaluation services the parties will learn more about their strengths and weaknesses and have a better view about the future of their case before courts.

2. Dispute System Design

Large companies usually face many disputes with their vendors, clients and other persons. Such disputes cause the companies to incur many expenses and their management to spend too much time on such disputes, impede their workflow and subsequently damage their core business. In order to resolve such disputes in an optimal, timely and efficient manner our company may assist its corporate clients to build their internal dispute settlement systems. Such dispute systems are designed taking into account characteristics of the company, its business and market where the company operates.

While designing dispute settlement our company may also cooperate with JAMS, which is one of the largest providers of dispute settlement services in the world.

3. Corporate Conflict Coaching

Many disputes may arise among corporate employees and officers. Such disputes in addition with impeding normal workflow may also cause material damage to companies. In order to avoid or resolve such disputes our company renders consulting services to company managers and officers.

4. Facilitation of Corporate Dispute Resolution 

In certain cases disputes arise among management bodies, offices and/or employees, which cause many material damage to companies. Our company may facilitate negotiation and dispute resolution by talking to parties, identifying interests of the parties and trying to address such interests.

Founder and principal of our company, Ruslan Mirzayev, in addition being an expert on Alternative Dispute Resolution, has also successfully passed relevant trainings at Harvard University and JAMS.

Free Mediation Weeks
18 Aug 2022
ARBME announces free mediation weeks until December 29, 2017.
Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop for Judge Candidates in Baku, Azerbaijan
18 Aug 2022
Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop sponsored by the US Embassy in Azerbaijan and the US Department of Commerce was held at the Judicial Academy under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on October 30-31, 2017