Strategic Roadmap Envisages the Development of Mediation in Azerbaijan

The Presidential Decree on “Strategic Roadmap on National Economy and Major Industries of Economy” (hereinafter referred to as the “Strategic Roadmap”) distinguishes the importance of mediation among alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for small and medium businesses, and sets 3 main objectives: 

(i)        Drafting of a Law on Mediation; 

(ii)      Establishment of Mediation Council; and 

(iii)     Twofold improvement of indicators of pre-court dispute settlement by small and medium businesses by 2020. 

Conference on Commercial Mediation and Dispute System Design
14 Oct 2019
Conference on Commercial Mediation and Dispute System Design is scheduled to be held on January 10th, 2019 with administrative support of the Azerbaijani Bar and information support of AmCham.
Weinstein International Foundation Launched to Promote Peace
14 Oct 2019
Weinstein International Foundation, a new international foundation devoted to development of international peaceful dispute resolution worldwide has been launched in 2018.
Free Mediation Weeks
14 Oct 2019
ARBME announces free mediation weeks until December 29, 2017.