Mediation Law Adopted in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan adopted the Law on Mediation on March 29, 2019. The Law is based on the principles of UNCITRAL Model Mediation Law and CEPEJ guidelines. 

The Law promotes use of mediation in civil, commercial, family, labor and administrative disputes. The Law follows so-called Opt-Out Mediation Model, by requiring attendance of initial first mediation session before bringing an action concerning family, labor and business disputes. 

The Law also regulates how cases will be referred to mediation. In addition to the requirement to attend the mandatory initial mediation session, parties may voluntarily apply to mediation and judge may refer parties to mediation with the consent of the parties. 

Conference on Commercial Mediation and Dispute System Design
14 Oct 2019
Conference on Commercial Mediation and Dispute System Design is scheduled to be held on January 10th, 2019 with administrative support of the Azerbaijani Bar and information support of AmCham.
Weinstein International Foundation Launched to Promote Peace
14 Oct 2019
Weinstein International Foundation, a new international foundation devoted to development of international peaceful dispute resolution worldwide has been launched in 2018.
Free Mediation Weeks
14 Oct 2019
ARBME announces free mediation weeks until December 29, 2017.